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Starting new job tomorrow

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This is my cube from my previous work. I guess those offices have their points, but it definitely wasn’t for me. Just being there 8 hours a day and 5 days a week was slowly killing me.

I’m finally getting into programming and web development. Programming always looked fun, and indeed I have Computer Engineering degree, so I really should do better than what I can do right now. IT managing was easy money, so I didn’t really bother digging in much, but decaying in that tiny little cube got me little desperate. Here are few things that got me into web development.


git and github

Sublime Text

Let’s write few things that I hope from new work.

  1. Macbook Pro 2013 Retina 15”
    • I would be so happy if I get that at new job :)
  2. Flexible working hours including availability to remote work
    • 8 hours a day thing is just stupid, I want my work to be measured little more smarter and competitive way.
  3. Open spaces instead of tiny shit cubes
    • Tiny shit cubes are just bad. I want little more open spaces.

I got a lot to learn, and my manager knows that. I think this will be exciting :)

things to modify

I’m still not sure if I wanna continue using octopress or just focus on RoR, but I gotta say, octopress is definitely interesting :)

Indeed, I’m already using octopress instead of tumblr.

Hemp just got legalized for research on federal level. There had been lots of good people who were promoting and fighting for hemp, yet didn’t see these happening in their lifetime, like Jack Herer. I feel just so lucky that it’s happening so quick :) Different subject, but I decided to try sensory deprivation tank, but found out I need to wait 2 weeks to book my session. This also could be really good business to be involved with, at worst, I’ll enjoy my tank.

Things can happen rather quick, HEMP stock went up 3600% in 3 months.. Stupidly I didn’t get any because I was all considering in medical marijuana stocks, but I’m still up so I shouldn’t complain. My point is, it’s all about my potential and my effort now. I think I have been being lazy, because most of my times, I have been in situation that even if I put my efforts, I couldn’t expect much in return. For instance, while I was in school, which is 16.5 years, no matter how great I do things, I had to go to school, which sucks. So I’ve been having good okay grades for easy life, but I’ve never really tried my best for long long time.

Now things are different, I have clear visions where I want to be. I probably found good shortcuts already, but I still need to execute them.

Well, in short, let’s stop wasting my life and get started

Obvious things are obvious, yet hard. I should sleep early and wake up early. Clean and organize better. Of course, more exercise. Eat healthier, don’t drink so often. More yoga, more meditation. Less computer games.

Yes yes, “working 8 hours suck” is a bad excuse. But seriously, working 8 hours suck balls..

Am I missing anything???

Of course, I’m missing all the things, but that’s fine.

This vacation went pretty quick, oh well, all vacations go pretty quick I guess.

I think I’ll be enjoying having contract positions. Stay temporary/competitive, that fits better than safe cozy shitty work environments.

Let’s make a habit of writing notes before going to bed and after waking up. That does seem like a good idea.

yet another new blog..

I realized that it doesn’t matter what blog platform I use. It’s all about contents that I need to fill up, yet I’m still wondering around looking for more blogging engines.. Tumblr was weird… It is definitely still very inspiring, but I guess I just do not like yahoo at all.

I grew up in South Korea, which is a very interestingly messed up country just like many other countries. I grew up and have been told that pot is absolutely horrible drug that will ruin my life. As I came to US to study for my Bachelor degree, I naturally got to think more about drugs. What are drugs? so many different drugs are mentioned in so many different circumstances, from friends, news, movies, or internet. Korea’s approach against drug is pretty much don’t ask don’t tell, I had no base information whatsoever for drugs, and I started to research.

Things came out pretty funny, the more I looked up for pot, the more I got confident that pot is absolutely awesome. For some reason, it wasn’t just “sure, pot is good, whatever” thing for me, I couldn’t get over how messed up the world is that pot is illegal.

My parents died out of cancer when I was 15, and now I know that marijuana could be one of the most effective solution to cancer, I cannot just keep my mouth shut.

I will designate my life to reclaim marijuana and swastika, I hope this blog helps me to achieve that :)