1. 2014 is going way too fast…

    Quick log on job situation
    Have been working as DevOps with Chef. Learned a lot of various different stuffs very quick, more of linux server administration, no Microsoft stuffs AT ALL (which is a huge relief), cloud infrastructure with openstack and AWS, Atlassian SDLC tool kits which seem to be pretty popular throughout many awesome companies.

    But at the same time, as a hourly paid contractor, 8 hours of straight looking at monitor is quickly killing me. I wake up because of dry eyes, my eye sights got worse again, and this hourly paid life is developing me a bad habit of comparing everything with hourly payment. It’s like I can do yoga at lunch time, but I gotta think if that one hour of yoga worth my one hour of payment..

    On bright side, I got a lot more confident with my career, keep getting new job contacts on linked in every week, getting like $60 amazon gift card for 20 minutes surveys.. As much as I really like my team, I don’t think it’s good for my body and eyes to stay here.. The biggest problem is still of course, the commute. 8 hours shift is already stupid enough, and the commute around city, especially in winter in Minnesota is just not acceptable for me.

    It’s just dehumanizing in my opinion..
    So highly likely I’ll move to Ruby on Rails remote work job..

    On the choice of Ruby, so far I’m totally satisfied. To be honest, it’s not about the language, it’s about the philosophy and community of the language. “Ruby is designed to make programmers happy”, of course not all the times but definitely a lot higher chance to meet awesome people and work environments than other languages.

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  2. stars over the lake Michigan

    stars over the lake Michigan

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  3. This explains the benefit of working at home.

    This explains the benefit of working at home.

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  4. Have been really busy lately, but my life is yet again better than ever :D

    I hope all of you are having good time as well.

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  5. ryuzaki2783 said: Saw you were looking into potcoin . Hows that coming ? Think it will be worthwhile?

    It just started :)
    I’m really happy to mine and invest on potcoin, but these potcoins and pot stocks are just hard to recommend to other people because they are extremely volatile :p

    If you understand the concept of crypto currency and believe that pot shouldn’t be legal, just get some for fun!

    I’ll write about it little more later

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  6. Anonymous said: 안녕하세요 좋은글 사진 잘 보고 있습니다. 물어볼게 있어요 대마씨에는 thc가 있나여? 사진 보니 대마씨로 슬러쉬를 만들어 드시던데 궁금합니다.

    대마 씨에는 THC가 전혀 없답니다 :) 대마를 흡연하는게 문제면 잘 규제해서 THC가 없는 씨나 줄기라도 잘 사용하면 될건데, 아예 불법이라고 아무것도 못하니까 진짜 어처구니없죠

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  7. Why do you not make a religion?

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  8. For the first time, time favors on me.

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  9. photo





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